A downloadable healthy breakfast for Windows and macOS

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"Whatever happened to predictability?"

A short, absurd little game about the importance of eating a healthy breakfast.

Made by a handful of game dev students for January 2017's Indie Game Sprint at Columbia College Chicago, Interactive Arts & Media department.

We made this thing in 9 days!
We got very little sleep!

Team Boogie Knights:

Dane Wheaton - Design, Puzzle Design, Level Design, Scripting, Bug Hunting, Bug Scripting, Bug Design

Aidan Walsh - Design, Art Direction, Sound Design, Music Composition, Supreme Meme Machine 9000, Hi Mom

Julia Giroux - 3D Art (just the donut),
Moral Support [citation needed]

Joakim Saldamando - 3D Art (everything other than the donut)


WASD - Move
Mouse - Look

That's it. No buttons. No clicking.
No gimmicky motion controls.

Interact by slamming your face into things, just like real life!

"Pet as many dogs as possible before you die."
- Barack Obama


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Healthy Breakfast for Windows.zip 32 MB
Healthy Breakfast for Mac.zip 35 MB


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What was the name of that song?  I loved it!

Really cool graphics and goofy twist. Very Euclidean Roomy. Stream had fun with it :D

Awesome game folks! Funny, stylish, dat sonofa flamingo, I really enjoyed my time playing this, and I made a video about it:

if you want to check, best of luck in making it a full game, cheers :D

That was an enjoyable little experience, and I thought the mirror reflection bits were really clever mechanics. I definitely would have kept playing if there was more!

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noun: flamingo; plural noun: flamingoes; plural noun: flamingos; noun: greater flamingo; plural noun: greater flamingos; plural noun: greater flamingoes

  1. a tall wading bird with mainly pink or scarlet plumage and long legs and neck. It has a heavy bent bill that is held upside down in the water in order to filter-feed on small organisms. Infamous pranksters and breakfast enthusiasts. Eye shadow game on point.