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// You are a hiveminded group of wobbly, adorable little aliens, and honestly?

things aren't looking too great for you at the moment


prime concern: an earthling you recently abducted acquired from the exotic, verdant domain of ~oo'tah~ has deftly hijacked
your only means of transport
any second now, this fearsome adversary shall begin performing the ancient earthling rite of ruthlessly seeking cruel, bluntly ironic vengeance...

// time to bring out your signature technique:



    cheese it!    





// Primary Controls:

[WASD] = get those GETAWAY STICKS mooovin'
[L CLICK] / [SPACE] = TUCK+ROLL, baybee
[X] marks the SQUAT

[1-6] = unleash [REDACTED]
■ [ESCAPE] = abort, ABORT! 

// Menu Controls:


[1] = activate [REDACTED] mode
[2] = activate [REDACTED] mode
[3] = activate [REDACTED] mode
[0] = RESET any active modes



This game was developed by Aidan Walsh, a freelance game designer, technical animator, voice actor, dog enthusiast, & all-around artsy fartsy type living in sunny Chicago, trying to make silly little games that bring some small measure of joy into this world (earth, to be specific)



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Cowabungled! (v1.6) 34 MB

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