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You are a snail!

And it's great. You're adorable.

You've got this little unicorn horn, and you are making it work.

One fateful day, you have the idea to throw a tea party for a friend, but uhhhhhhh, welllll, there's one teeny tiny problem... you're out of tea. Whoops.

In the desolate wastes of your home planet, tea is a bit hard to come by, but after greasing a few hands - quite literally - you've navigated through the mountains to a secluded valley in which tea leaves float gracefully through the wind.

What a splendidly convenient turn of events!

Your mission - should you choose to accept it - is to gather enough tea leaves to save the tea party and show your friend how special they are!

This game was developed by Aidan Walsh, a game designer, technical animator, voice actor, and all-around artsy fartsy type living in sunny Chicago, trying to make silly little games that bring some small measure of joy into the world.

Other Contributors:

The soundtrack of Tea for Two is Trois GymnopΓ©dies by 19th Century French Composer Erik Satie, it's a beautiful piece and I highly recommend checking out his work!

I owe much of the fluid motion and elegance of this game to a modified version of the Klak motion library by Keijiro Takahashi, there's not a doubt in my mind that he's an actual wizard.

The original snail model can be found here, and the rocks in the environment are from the Unity Tanks! Tutorial, if you're new to game development and want to check out a thorough introductory example, it's great stuff.


***Small but personally significant update***
Tea for Two got some lovely coverage by Jay Castello, a writer over at Cliqist!
The part that makes me get particularly flustered and weepy is this:
"Everything in the game is utterly charming, from the trail that you leave behind to the truck-style beeping that plays if you move backwards.

A colourful, smile-inducing moment of serenity."
Even the smallest bit of praise I've gotten for this game, whether from friends or game journalists, serves as yet another reminder of why making games is so important to me. If someone created a thing that made your day, let them know! There's a good chance it'll make their whole week.


  • W / S - move forward or back
  • A / D - turn left or right
  • Escape - quit the game
  • The rest is optional, figure it out! Explore the keyboard a bit!


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love the snail 🐌

Life changing.  Just collect tea leaves and chill bruh!

I made an account JUST to make this comment on this game but I just finished playing this and it feels so sweet and wholesome. Aidan's understanding of color and design is simple but so beautiful, and the music used in this game brings a sense of serenity to the entire piece. If you're feeling a little hectic and need something to take your mind off of things, or if you just want to play a genuinely emotionally nourishing game, download this! So excited to see what else Aidan has in store! 

Val, I honestly have to hold back tears every time I go back and read this! Thank you so much, you're a good egg